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Our Clients

Beth Brockwell

June 23, 2017
I wanted to take a moment to let you know that we appreciated the sincerity and professionalism you and your office have office have shown us during a very difficult time. It is comforting to know that if euthanasia is needed to honor our beloved pets, that they are shown such respect and kindness. I miss our little Chance so much but I take comfort that his passing was so quick and that he was totally distracted by the treats you brought. Your words of support of the decision to be on the proactive side of his further impending decline, were also helpful to me.

Thank you for coming to our home to lessen the trauma for all and for leaving a small tuft of his hair. I had not thought of that and I am glad to have it.


Beth Brookwell

Brandi P

June 8, 2017
We had to use the service back in January when we had to put down both of our dogs down, only three weeks apart.
It was probably one of the hardest things our family has had to do in a long time and I simply cannot imagine going through it without the kind and generous service of Dr. Dekens. He responded to my first panicked phone call almost immediately, even though it was after hours, and he came the next day with a gentle guidance to get us through that terrible day.

He explained everything that was going to happen and gave us plenty of time to say goodbye. We wrapped our girl in a blanket and kissed her goodbye. When we had to do it again just three weeks later, he came with deep respect for our family and our beloved boy. Both times we all got to be there and be present in our own home. It just felt the tiniest bit better to say good bye in our own space with all their favorite things nearby.

We are eternally grateful to you Dr. Dekens, for walking us through that and showing so much dignity and kindness to our pups.

We really are so grateful. Thank you.

Agnes T

Dr. Dirk Dekens has been looking after our pets' health care needs for 10 years.
He is a knowledgeable, compassionate skilled professional and we fully entrust him with the medical needs of our pets. As owners of multiple pets, it is very convenient to have Dr. Dirk Dekens come to our home to look after our animals. Being examined and cared for in the safety of their own home virtually eliminates the stress a visit to a veterinary clinic would cause our animals.

Laura & Barry

I would recommend him to anyone and everyone!
My first generation, Mister 'man' & Bailey would go through the roof when they saw Dirk, my second generation Keeper 'dude' & Grace aka Houdini love & trust him just the same. He is kind, confident & very knowledgeable.

Evelyne & Harvey

Our 11 year-old dog Tess has been cared for by Dr. Dirk for 2 1/2 years.
In that time she's gone from an over-weight, lethargic old dog to a very active (3 walks/day) happy dog who loves visits with her vet!


I have been using Dirk's services for over 10 years and have never been disappointed.
He has even managed to keep our 2 grumpy dogs calm and accepting during his visits. Being house-bound has me always on the look out for services that will come to me, but that I can still trust in my house; Dirk is a miracle - a service I never thought I would be able to find mobile. Having a mobile vet clinic can't be easy, but he always has what he needs, is wonderful with the animals, and is very trustworthy. Thanks so much Dirk for helping me to live my life more fully than I thought possible.

Sharron W

Dirk has been our At-Home Vet for over 10 years. All my dogs (past & present) love when Dirk comes over. Dirk has such a calming nature about him plus he always has a pocket full of yummy treats. Dirk takes the time to ensure my dogs are comfortable and relaxed prior to performing any procedure. His compassion and professionalism makes a world of difference when you are faced with sending your best furry friend over the rainbow bridge. He never rushes you and makes sure you have & cherish those last moments you need to say goodbye. Thanks Dirk for being such a fun & easy going person. We enjoy your visits :)

Sarah Walters

As an AHT I worked with Dr. Dekens at the Humane Society.
He is one of the most compassionate and capable vets I have ever worked with. He always treated every animal as an individual and took the time to give them a pat and a kind word. I also used Dr. Dekens house call service for my own dog. His knowledge of animal behaviour and training is an added bonus.

Owner of Priddis Paws Agility

Linda L

I would urge all who find themselves in this difficult place to use the services of Dr. Dekens.
"In August of 2014 our 15.5 year old cat Cookie showed signs of pain and began to eat very little. We took her to the emergency Veterinarian hospital for diagnosis and the prognosis was not good. Within a week she stopped eating completely. We tried everything to get her to eat, including some liquid nutrient from the holistic vet, however nothing worked. With heartbreak we were out of options, we had to put her down. The thought of taking our sweet, gentle soul to a vet and have her last moments of life filled with fear, in an unfamiliar place, on a cold steel table was unthinkable! By searching on “Google” I found "Dekens Housecall Veterinary Services" and made the appointment for euthanasia. Her last day, on August 23rd, 2014 was a beautiful, hot and sunny day. We spent the entire day outside with her and just petted and loved her while she basked in the sun. Dr. Dekens arrived, as scheduled at 7:30pm. Dr. Dekens showed true compassion like none I have ever seen from a Veterinarian. His words and persona were sincere, gentle and kind….both for Cookie and for us. I completely understand that one cannot put a Dollar sign to the loss of a beloved pet, however I was surprised to learn the cost was the same or even more reasonable than taking her to the Vet hospital. I would urge all who find themselves in this difficult place to use the services of Dr. Dekens, the last gift one can give their pet is to have their life end in the familiar warmth and comfort of their home.

Rene Fisher

Today was a very sad day. We had to say good bye to our beloved pet Buddy!
"He was the best dog a person could ever hope to have the pleasure of meeting.. We had to help our little boy out as his suffering today was to much for anyone to bear. We spoke with the Doctor on a Sunday and she was able to assist with Buddy. She was respectful, gentle and kind.. Even buddy in the pain he was in could wag his tail and greet her. One thing I have learned is to trust the instinct of my friend he knew good people and wasn't afraid to show it. I just want to say thank you so much for your help in our time of need. Your kindness will never be forgotten! Thanks again from our loved one Buddy !! He is now pain free.

Melissa Foy

We met Dr. Dekens this past April when we had to make the heart breaking decision to euthanize our beloved dog, Kane.
"Kane was a huge part of our family for more than 10 years, and this was a decision we struggled with. Dr. Dekens was kind and informative throughout the entire process. He explained exactly what he was doing and what we should expect. He was amazing with Kane, calming him, petting him, and giving him some treats. He was very empathetic to what we were going through, something that we were extremely grateful for. A few days after the loss of Kane, Dr. Dekens sent us a bereavement card, which meant quite a lot. Today we received Kane's ashes, delivered right to our door. I am happy to have Kane home with us, and very grateful for the kindness and understanding shown by Dr. Deken. The whole process was made far less painful than it could have been, and that means the world to us, and I'm sure to Kane as well.


You realize upon first meeting Dr. Dekens how much he loves animals and they love him in return.
"I first went to Dr. Dekens a few years ago as my senior Husky, Moe, was struggling with mobility and I was struggling with knowing when the right time would be. Dr. Dekens was compassionate, helpful, supportive throughout and helped me realize I didn’t have to make this decision on my own, I could rely on his expertise. Under his expert care, Moe enjoyed another good 6 months and in his last moments, was at home on his favorite pillow surrounded by his loving family. Since losing Moe, I’ve adopted another Husky, Jake and could not wait to introduce him to Dr. Dekens. While Jake is not fearful of vets, Dr. Dekens still takes the time to make sure Jake feels confident and relaxed before performing any procedures. When asked "Who is Jake's vet?" – I don’t hesitate to recommend Dr. Dekens with his exceptional service and care and always laugh at the surprised expressions I get when I tell them "And he makes housecalls!

Taylore Einarsson

Dr. Dekens is a quiet, compassionate, caring man and vet. He came to my home to put my 2 cats to sleep (1 in 2009 and the other in 2013). He checked them over, just in case there was something else that could be done. The last face they saw was mine as I held them in my arms. They now sit on my dresser in a little box - side by side again. If it is time to let a family member go, Dr. Dekens is the one you want to help with that time.

Gord Haycraft

We as most folks are very cautious about who our pets come in contact with and more importantly who to trust when it comes to their healthcare. We are very pleased to echo most and brag to others that we have and continue to rely on the services of Dirk Dekens and co. Dirk adds a rarity in service providing and caring regarding his craft, Our animals are very thankful of his caring and compassion throughout the many years that we have known him and will continue to welcome him into our home in good times and in bad. Yes and reasonably priced too, couldn't believe it either but it's true :).Two thumbs up Dirk, keep up the excellent work, the animals thank you and our stress levels benefit as well.