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Dr. Dirk Dekens, DVM - Owner
I was only six years old when I proclaimed to my parents and family that I wanted to become a veterinarian. I didn’t live on a farm nor did I have any exposure to the “field of animal medicine”. Nevertheless I always fostered a keen interest and thirst for knowledge about nature and animals in general. We didn’t have any cats, dogs or large animals but my dad had built a small aviary which, to my delight, housed a variety of song birds, quails, guinea pigs and two beautiful “striped tree squirrels”, which I aptly named Jeff and Josephine. The quails laid eggs, the guinea pigs multiplied as guinea pigs do , but to everyone’s delight Jeff and Josephine also surprised us with four healthy baby squirrels. The miracle of life was unfolding right in front of us. Needless to say I was in my element!

The only thing that was missing, in my mind at least, was the ability, like Dr. Doolittle, to talk to the animals. Later on, of course, I learned that animals have their own ways to communicate with each other and with us, they just do it differently. The rest, as they say, is history.

I went to vet school in Ghent, Belgium and graduated with a doctoral degree in veterinary medicine in 1986. I owned a small and exotic animal practice in Ghent offering both in clinic and housecalls for my clients but decided to take the big move and emigrated to Canada in 1989. My career since has been varied and stimulating as I worked in a variety of veterinary clinical and surgical settings.

Highlights for me have been my work as an emergency veterinarian at the now closed Calgary Animal Emergency Clinic for about 3 years and an 8 year full-on commitment as the first full time veterinarian hired by the Calgary Humane Society. I also co-founded and owned Sit Happens! Companion Dog Training, a force-free and reward based dog training school in Calgary.

My interests in veterinary medicine revolve around animal welfare, ethical issues in veterinary medicine and the importance of the human animal bond. My greatest pleasure has been and continues to be the interactions with my clients and their nonhuman companions as I travel from home to home. Maybe I do have a bit of a Dr. James Herriot inside of me. :)

Dr. Maureen Blessing, DVM 

It was at an early age that I discovered my love of all animals, and an interest in sciences, discovery, and health care that ultimately led to my decision to become a veterinarian.  I graduated from WCVM (Saskatoon) in 1995, and embarked on a 13 year position as a mixed animal practitioner (with a huge focus on small animals) at a wonderful clinic in Ponoka, Alberta. After a hiatus from practice for the birth of two amazing daughters, I have been back in practise in Calgary since 2010.
It is difficult to summarize the path that one has taken from one point to another, and the decisions that propel life in one direction over another. Perhaps it is the cumulative effect of too few answers, poor outcomes, or medical options that cause potentially unacceptable side effects in some of my patients that were diagnosed and properly prescribed the 'standard of care' that propelled my direction in medicine.  Perhaps it was observing my eldest daughter's unexplained illnesses (by allopathic medicine) become understandable, and therefore naturally treatable (by naturopathic medicine), that clarified my path. Perhaps it was an awakening to the madness of chronic illness in my patients and my family, and the inspiration that I had to seek different answers to truly offer a different outcome. I committed to that path in 2011.
I completed my acupuncture training with IVAS in Oregon 2011-12, including my internship with Dr Marsden in Edmonton, AB.  I Also completed courses in cold laser treatment and Veterinary Neuronal Adjustment (VNA). I am a certified Chiropractitioner, which differs from an animal chiropractor in that I do adjustments only with an activator, or adjusting device similar to human chiropractors. It is a very safe and effective form of spinal adjustment. Currently, I am working towards my certification in Chinese Herbal Medicine.  I also have a passion for therapeutic essential oils, and may diffuse oils during stressful procedures or times (such as at home euthanasia) to support patients and their people, or use topically during an Integrative Care Treatment.  
I am passionate about dietary therapy, as I firmly support Hippocrates' ideology: 'Let food be thy medicine, and medicine be thy food." We can accomplish so much so simply, when we provide species appropriate daily fuel that supports vitality. I also am a firm believer in minimal vaccination as appropriate by risk assessment and in discussion with pet owners. Blood antibody titer testing is readily available, and enables a better decision on when or even if a given vaccine may be necessary or recommended. 
As an Integrative practitioner (integrating allopathic, or Western medicine, and Eastern medicine), my goal is to offer patients and their families more, and safer, options for health care support. Each patient and family is unique, so my approach is to listen to your needs and offer guidance based on those needs. My own pets are a Golden Retriever, Candy, and sweet old kitty, Winter. They have been my dearest friends over the years, and my best teachers.

Dr. Ya-Guang Zhao, DVM

My story is a story of health care tradition involving my family for many generations.  I was born in a small town in mainland China, my father is director of the local animal hospital, my mother is a pharmacist and both their families have been involved in health from a traditional and modern standpoint for many generations.

Growing up in this environment, I knew from a young age that healing was what I wanted to do.  I am fascinated by the mysteries of diseases and have seen amazing results solved by both Eastern and Western medical therapies.  During my education, I focused on both Western and Eastern (acupuncture/herbs etc.) medical treatments.  My interest in “medical mysteries” was well entrenched and I spent part of my career at the University of Calgary, studying how a benign virus may be useful in cancer therapies, achieving PhD in the Faculty of Medicine.  I have come full circle now, and am back to the family tradition of veterinary medicine.

I like to treat pets in a holistic and natural way. This is why I chose Dekens Housecall Veterinary Services. We have the same concepts about pet care, natural food, natural treatment and natural handling. I look forward to learning and applying an integrated approach to veterinary medicine.

Dr. Veronica Devall, DVM

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Customer Care 

Louise Bush - Office Manager
From an early age, I was saving earthworms from certain death on the sidewalks, rescuing critters and generally dragging anything home that would follow me (much to my mom’s chagrin!).  I begged and pleaded for anything furry, scaley or feathered.
I got my first "very own" dog when I was 12, a little black terrier mix named Bandit,  from what was at the time, the Calgary Humane Society.  That little rescue dog lived to be 19 years old helped me to grow up and taught me a lot about loving and sharing your life with a pet.  

My early career took me into the oil and gas industry in Calgary after having graduated from SAIT’s Petroleum Engineering Program.  During this 17 years or so, I filled my need for animal involvement with my own pets, including dogs, cats, turtles, snakes and fish! 
The truth about what I wanted to “be” when I grew up, hit me when I stayed home to raise my two boys.  My love of animals got me involved with a cat boarding kennel and we fostered puppies for ARF and I knew that I needed to be working with or for animals in some capacity.  I have a huge interest in integrative medicine and am very excited to be a part of the team at Dekens!
My life is full with a wonderful husband of 26 years, 2 sons, 2 dogs (Murphy and Bailey) and 3 cats (Charlie, Nacho and Stanley).  I love being with my family, movies, reading, camping and mountains.  I look forward to helping our human and furry clients alike!

Pamela Porosky, CTMT, CSMT
Customer Care Representative

  A love and passion for working with animals was instilled and encouraged from an early age, between growing up with two very sociable siamese cats, and the summers and weekends spent at my grandparents’ ranch in Manitoba. 

My initial career path was in media, after graduating from SAIT Polytech’s Journalism Arts program; and, although I worked as a writer and photographer for over a decade, I continued to pursue volunteer and educational opportunities in animal care, donating my free time to local rescues where I assisted with everything from cat grooming to dog training, and ultimately opened my home to a number of unforgettable foster animals. I have also been able to share my journalistic background through stories and pictures, capturing the lovable and unique personalities of those pets waiting for adoption. 

I began studying complementary animal therapies in 2009. After completing the first level of Usui Reiki therapy, and experiencing first hand the benefits it had in helping promote and maintain the overall health and well-being of my own pets and the shelter animals I volunteered with, I was hooked. I received the certification of Reiki Master in 2010 before undertaking an education in canine massage through the Rocky Mountain School of Animal Acupressure in Massage (RMSAAM). I graduated from the programs of Canine Therapeutic Massage and Canine Sports Massage in 2011, and completed RMSAAM’s course on Essential Oils and Aromatherapy for Animals that same year. I am passionate about continuing education and have taken additional coursework in advanced canine stretching techniques, animal behaviour and body language, feline massage, geriatric massage, and flower essences, as well as advanced studies in animal Reiki. 

My home just wouldn’t be the same without the three cats (Scotty, Tabitha and Chubbs), two lab mixes (Ash and Sophie) and 23-year-old fire-bellied newt I share it with.

Merissa Wilkinson, 
Customer Care Representative

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Marketing & Bereavement Services
Darlene Vandevenne, MSW, RSW - Marketing and Bereavement Services

Many of my fondest memories have involved animals. The horse on my brother’s farm that I rode as a young girl, the cats and the first dog my children grew up with, and the many hamsters and guinea pigs we cared for over the years. I feel grateful to have shared my life with all these animals.

I strongly believe in the human-animal bond and I feel that my life has been richer for having had all these animals around. Now, I share my life with my husband Dirk Dekens, and our little dogs, Cayenne and Chai. Like children, they all have such different personalities and they all have such different interests. I have learned so much from them; for example, how accepting my dogs are and how quick they pick up on my body language when trying to navigate an agility course! I have also learned the importance of play and how it is good for both of us. I could not imagine a life without companion animals.

In working alongside Dirk through Dekens Housecall Veterinary Services, I have seen the tremendous bonds people have with their animals, as well as the pain when faced with a difficult diagnosis or end of life decision. I have experienced firsthand the struggle to make decisions about palliative care and end of life issues with our own dogs and know how important it is to feel understood. As Dirk has been known for providing compassionate home euthanasia’s, I saw a need to offer supportive counselling to our clients around these difficult decisions.

As  a professionally trained clinical social worker with over 20 year of experience counselling children and adults with chronic illness, trauma and loss, I saw an area where I could give back to the community. I am here to offer support and grief counselling to ensure that our clients and their companion animals receive the care and compassion they need and work towards a respectful closure.

In my free time I enjoy doing agility with my little dog Chai, cycling, hiking in the mountains, traveling and spending time with friends.


Elaine Powell, KPA CPT - Training Coordinator & Customer Care Representative

I’ve always had a love for animals, even when I didn’t have one of my own as a pet.  I used to ask my sister all the time if I could take care of her dog whenever she was out of town.  Our house has always been pet friendly and I encouraged my friends to bring their dogs over when they wanted to visit.  My pets have consisted of a hamster, fish, birds and dogs. 

My love of animals and need to see well-adjusted and behaved animals had me seeking out training courses and then I became a trainer myself!   I fell in love with clicker training and positive reinforcement when I took my dog Gauge to classes many years ago.  I started my training career by volunteering at a dog training school for many years and started teaching classes in 2015.  I love seeing the “light bulb” moments handlers and their dogs experience.  I have worked with dogs for over 7 years training, walking and boarding and have a passion for educating people on body language. 

I am a graduate of the Karen Pryor Academy Puppy Start Right for Instructors Program and Dog Trainer Professional Program.  I also hold membership in the CAPPDT (Canadian Association of Professional Pet Dog Trainers). 

I share my life with my wonderful husband of 21 years and our rescue pup Diesel, and in my spare time love camping, reading books on dog training, travelling and spending time with friends and eating good food.


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